Use these 3 Tools and Come up With Creative Online Store Name Ideas

Create a Business Name

Having troubles choosing a name for your online store? Use these 3 tools and you will come up with great, creative online store name ideas!


You’ve decided to create your own online store? That’s great! It is time to share your product or services with the rest of the world and make some money in the process. The next thing you should do is set your business plan, which sounds pretty easy, right. Before you do all of that, there is one little detail you need to take into consideration – a name for your online store. 

When it comes to running an online store, choosing a memorable and unique name is one of the crucial steps towards establishing your web identity. But, please keep in mind that this can be a challenge and it is usually very difficult to come up with new and creative ideas that capture the essence of your ecommerce business. Remember, a good domain can help you build a powerful brand that will stick in the minds of your customers and help them define your target market. You need such name. You need a good name that will instill a sense of trust and confidence in your customers.

So, how to come up with a good business name? How to come up with creative online store name ideas?

There are some great tools you can use to help you come up with potential names for your new online project:


  1. Lean Domain Search – This helpful generator can help you match your keyword with other various words to generate available domain names to choose from. This great tool can provide you with hundreds of name ideas to choose from. They help you sort the results alphabetically or by length, share the results on social media websites, explore registration options for domain names that are available, and etc.
  2. Dot-o-mator – Whenever you are out of ideas, don’t worry, as Do-o-Mator is here to help you. This tool can provide you with various domain name suggestions to choose from. You will get information about the process of selecting a good domain name, use the tool on-the-go, and access web 2.0 Name Generator if you are looking for random names.
  3. Panabee – If you are looking for unique names, this is the perfect tool you can use. This is one of the simplest online store name generators on the market. It offers an easy way to search for app names, domain names, social media usernames, and etc.


A business name is a really important part of setting up an online presence. Use these tools, gather creative online store name ideas, and pick the best one!