How to Create a Business Name: Tools to Help You Name Your Startup Business

Create a Business Name

Naming your startup right is crucial in this competitive business world! How to create a business name – tools that will help you name your startup company! Read and find out more!


Naming your startup business is one of the most challenging things to do when trying to get your new company off the ground. Determining an authentic and unique name for your startup business to match your incredible idea is the first crucial step to registering your business. The next step is creating a logo, creating a value proposition, and social media profiles. However, it is not an easy task. As a matter of fact, coming up with a name for your startup may be harder than coming up with the startup idea.

As you combine, analyze, and explore different business names, you will discover that almost every common work in the English language has been already registered as a domain name. This makes things even more difficult. So how does a startup company come up with a great name in this crazy competitive business world? You have to get creative and think outside the box. There are various methods you could use to name your business and tools that will help you generate amazing ideas.

How to Create a Business Name: Tools to Generate Creative Ideas

These are some of the best tools you could use:

  • Come up with your own word – If you have one word that perfectly suits your startup business, the chances are that there are at least 100.000 people out there who have the same idea. The best thing to do at this point is to go to the Online Etymology Dictionary and research the word you want to use. You need to make a detailed research and discover the Latin version of the word, its origin, variations of the word, and so on. Maybe you will discover a new word that will inspire you to come up with a business name.
  • Use name tools and apps – When it comes to tools and apps, NameRobot is a great tool, the word suggestions are superb. The Acronym Creator is another great tool you could use if you have a few words that describe your company and you want to make a combination out of them.


Finding the right name for your startup cannot happen overnight. Analyze, combine words, learn new words, be creative, and the name will come.