Where to Find Name Generators and Tools to Create a Business Name in 2018

If you are a brand new business owner than by now you have surely compiled a list of things that you have to think about before you are ready to launch your business and something that you cannot launch a business without is a name. The business name is one of those things that can be very easy to figure out or very difficult, and if you are in the latter category then tools to create a business name is exactly what you need and the best tools to use are business name generators. These generators are the perfect tool to use when you are simply lacking imagination or don’t know which direction to take and in this article we will give some great generators that you should consider using.


This is a generator that works much like a lot of other generators, in the sense that it requires you to add some keywords before it can give you any suggestions. These keywords should be words that you actually want to include in your business name because when the generator does its job it will include that word in all of the suggestions that it gives you. With this tool you will also be able to get a domain name to go with your business name, however the only downside to that is that the domain name will have a .getsocio instead of a standard .com. Once you find the perfect name for you all you have to do is click on it and you’ll simply have to fill in some information like your name and email address and then this generator will even let you start an ecommerce store if that is something that you want to do.

Name Station

This generator is a great example of why generators are the perfect tools to create a business name. Name Station will provide you with a huge list of incredible brand names ideas and all you have to do is come up with a keyword. You just need to type the exact keyword that you would want to appear in your brand name and after you have done that you will get a screen filled with different variations of business names for you to choose from. If you want to simplify the process even more all you’d have to do is sort the list in order to be able to see the names that are available. Even if there is name that catches your attention that isn’t available, you can still use it for inspiration if it really speaks to you. When you combine this great tool and some good old creative thinking, this generator will definitely be able to help you create the perfect name for your business.

Lean Domain Search

If you are looking for a simplified way in which to look for a business name, then this is definitely the business name generator for you. Once you get on the website you will, again, have to type in a keyword that you want to associate with your business as a whole and you will immediately be redirected to a page where all of the available business names will appear. The names tend to be separated and the ones that are available will most likely be on the top and colored green which will save you the trouble of checking availability. After you settle for a certain business name you will be required to click on it and that will also show you if there is a Twitter handle available for that same name so that you can immediately register that as well. Since social media is such a powerful marketing tool, having this done for you by the same generator that will help you find a business name is a great bonus.

power rangers logo maker

Generators are very simple and easy to use and are just the thing to help you get out of your creative block and come up with the perfect business name that will help you bring your brand exactly where you want it to go. Tools to create a business name are always super helpful, and hopefully the generators on this list will prove just that when you are creating your own business name.